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About Us

KEA ACADEMY offers unique programmes, carefully curated to target the 15 key life-skills necessary for young adult development and growth.

Kea Academy provides educational holiday experiences for young adults aged 11-17. Young adults can benefit from the life-skills they gain through our programmes and confidently 'boost' their CV. 

Life Skills are “a behaviour change or behaviour development approach designed to address a balance of three areas: knowledge, attitude and skills” (UNICEF).

The kea methodology encompasses 15 life-skills categorised into five themes: Personal Development, Employability, Learning, Active Citizenship and Wellness. According to UNICEF, the first four are the basic life skills essential in the world we live in today.

Valuable skills for life are not extensively covered in school. As a result, young adults are not sufficiently prepared for life or modern careers. Consequently, we have carefully curated a summer programme to teach life skills, support socialisation, promote exercise and healthy living.

Furthermore, young adults have missed out on many opportunities during the global pandemic. The programme is a chance for young adults to learn life skills that will prepare them for life and modern careers, encouraging creativity and building confidence.

Kristina N - Kea Academy Photo.heic

Mission & Vision

Kea’s philosophy focuses on inspiring young adults to become their best with a growth mindset
in place. With modern career alignment, Kea embraces young adults in a community where creativity and

empathy are central to the curriculum.

Kea focuses on creating an environment that focuses on students’ cognitive, physical, creative, and social-emotional


Kea believes that the future will require a different skill set from today’s young adults. Kea wants to ensure there is a continuous trajectory of value-based development. Kea gives students a chance to address social
and global problems in an increasingly

interconnected world.


A Kea is a bird; a New Zealand mountain parrot and the most intelligent amongst bird species globally.

The Kea stands out amongst the rest through its ambitious qualities; intelligence, curiosity, adaptability and resourcefulness. The parrot is playful, inquisitive, bold and a rebel. It also displays emotional intelligence and the ability to collaborate and problem solve.

We take inspiration from the Kea’s stand-out qualities.

At Kea, our philosophy centres around supporting young people to develop into their most ambitious and successful selves. We introduce students to a “growth mindset” and provide them with the tools to thrive in any scenario.

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