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Kea Programme

KEA academy uses various learning techniques to facilitate interactive learning through; classes, projects, events, lectures from extraordinary visionary speakers, evening activities, excursions and sports. In addition, our Programmes are designed annually by experts to represent current global affairs and developments.


For students taking the Global Leaders Programme, students cover the essential topics for becoming a visionary and compassionate leader. Our syllabus for the programme includes; creative thinking, methods of research, learning techniques, career design, entrepreneurship, public speaking, presentation skills, different forms of investment, business, trading, networking and communication, time management, productivity, emotional intelligence, global sustainability, social responsibility, inclusion and diversity, social and charitable enterprises, healthy-living, nutrition, mindfulness, meditation and more.

For students taking English + Global Leaders, English Language learning will take up most of their 'in-class' time. However, students will still part-take some of the project preparation classes with native speakers, giving them a chance to practice their spoken and written English.

 English Classes

Students learn to read, write and speak in English at a beginner, intermediate or advanced level.


Projects are essential to forming the
substance and application of life
skills. Therefore, all students will be
working on projects in diverse groups, helping the students utilise what they learned during different classes and combining that to create a winning and diversely skilled team.



Students attending the programme will attend excursions off the Kea Cambridge campus. There will also be opportunities to explore Cambridge town. 

  • London An exciting trip to Britain’s capital to explore the best sites the city has to offer, from the London Eye, Big Ben, Natural History Museum to world-famous Harrods.

  • Oxford and Bicester A unique experience to visit the U.K.’s renowned academic city and do the Harry Potter walking tour. (Bicester Village trip is optional)

  • Stratford-upon-Avon: Is the16-century birthplace of William Shakespeare. Students can enjoy the charms of this medieval English town.

  • Brighton: The British seaside city, is well-known for being a welcoming and diverse city with a passion for culture, creativity and sustainability as it is for its historical landmarks.

  • Warwick Castle: The castle brings students the ultimate historical learning adventure where students experience one thousand years of history.


Evening Entertainment

Our Kea Summer Programme concludes daily with an interactive group activity as an opportunity for students to share all they have learnt that day.

Examples of activities throughout the programme include:

Theatre spectacle, BBQ, Talent Show, Sustainable Fashion Show, Scavenger Hunt, Karaoke Night, Movie Night, Gala Night, British Afternoon Tea Experience, International Night, Ice-Breakers, Kea’s British Bake-off.


We invite unique speakers passionate about speaking on mental health, leadership, business, diversity, equality & inclusion, and much more. Visionaries will share their experiences, inspire young adults, and offer their expertise on various subject matters.

Selection of guest speakers: athletes, entrepreneurs, philanthropists, CEOs, scientists and other academic experts.

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