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Life Skills Framework

The Kea Programme is designed to instil a “growth mindset” in the students
and facilitate well-rounded development.
Students learn 15 essential life-skills during their time at Kea Academy, represented by the Kea Galaxies below.

Life-Skills (IMAGE).png

Learning programme at Kea Academy

 The Kea methodology has been created in line with the UNICEF Life Skills framework to empower young adults to create their success. We have added additional skills we deemed necessary by including the ‘Wellness’ section, including; Healthy Living & Nutrition, Mindfulness, Meditation & Breathing, and Sports.

KEA academy uses various learning techniques to facilitate interactive learning through; core classes, workshops, projects, events, extraordinary visionary speakers, evening activities, excursions and sports. In addition, our Programmes are designed annually by experts to represent current global affairs and developments.

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