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The importance of the growth mindset for teenagers and children

Why is the growth mindset important?

Firstly, what is the growth mindset?

We can start with, what is the opposite of the growth mindset?

It is when young adults complains ‘ I can’t do this, it’s too difficult!’ or ‘I am not creative enough ‘ ‘I can’t understand science!’. These statements are all ones of the fixed mindset.

When young adults have the growth mindset, confidence grows and they embrace challenges as part of their learning experience.

The evidence from neuroscience illustrates the importance of sleep, healthy diet, lack of stress and positive habit formation.

Young adults are put under the academic stresses all year, yet are not told how to manage stress. This creates an illusion that translates into a fixed mindset.

Young adults should be prepared for life and feel empowered to grow positively.

  • Teens with a fixed mindset will grow from criticism they receive and not be affected emotionally.

  • Children witnessing the success of others, would not feel threatened or jealous but rather find it inspiring with a growth mindset.

  • Therefore, to achieve higher levels of success both at school and outside of school, students should develop the growth mindset.

  • This was the inspiration behind Kea Academy to ensure that young adults have the opportunity to learn life-skills over the summer during their summer camp.

  • Kea Academy is offering a Life-Skills programme focused on teaching the growth mindset through student empowerment through various life-skills and CV building unique projects.

The real growth mindset is not taught in one lesson or a few hours, but it is a way of thinking that evolves over time. Therefore, getting kids on an empowered path early on will be essential to their future success.

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