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Why are teenagers more aggressive and withdrawn? What can parents do?

Updated: Jun 27, 2022

Since the global coronavirus outbreak, teenagers have had a lot of difficulties.

Since the start of the epidemic, over 46 % of parents of teenagers have reported that their child has displayed indicators of a new or worsening mental health disorder. 54 % of parents have recognised signs of withdrawal and aggression.

An increase in anxiety, depression, sadness, and worry has been noted by parents of teenagers. Due to parental worry during the global outbreak, young adults are facing higher stress related to their concerns and doubts.

The youngsters were not helped by their seclusion, and many of them chose to 'escape' by hiding behind screens.

The pandemic has altered how their children socialise and increased their use of social media, gaming, ‘time on the phone’ according to 75% of parents polled.

Only 6 % of teens meet their friends regularly, indoors or outdoors. Social interactions are a critical part of development during adolescence. These opportunities were limited in the last two years. Teenagers have been feeling 'disconnected' and have missed social outlets like sports, extracurricular activities, project work with friends and simply hanging out.

Parents of teenagers may lack tolerance as a result of their own hardships over the last two years, and would rather take their children on vacation. However, because socialisation is so important in a teenager's development, summer activities may be the best option.

Kea Academy has created a space where teenagers can reinvent themselves in the summer, feel empowered and socialise. Playing outdoors and sports are an essential part of the Life-Skills course. Phone usage is limited during the summer programme too, to empower young people to find more joy out of discovering their talent and engaging in projects with summer camp friends.

For more information about the programme or for details about the scholarships available for students, email

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